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Choreograph presents recent and new work by two artists—Emily Ginsburg and Jane Lackey. Both pay attention to movement and communication and share an interest in tracking the choreography of personal and social actions over time. The resulting artworks often resemble flow charts, circuitry and, in Ginsburg’s case, devices like the rotary phone or her grandmother’s palm-size silver case with its fan of ivory dance cards.

Emily Ginsburg lives and works in Portland, where she is the chair of the Intermedia Department at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. She has exhibited widely and recently completed major public commissions for Tri-Met, Seattle City Light and Cyan PDX.

Jane Lackey was Artist in Residence and Head of the Fiber Department at Cranbrook Academy of Art from 1997 to 2007. Lackey is currently based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she makes art full-time and is a visiting lecturer nationally and internationally.

Choreograph is the first of two exhibitions related to choreography that the Art Gym will present this academic year. The second, Dance: before, after, during, is scheduled for April/May 2011.

The Possibility of Being Fully Rewritten

The Possibility of Being Fully Rewritten calls attention to the pleasures and the physicality of books. More than that it is an exhibition about the physical quality of exquisitely made, hand-made, artist-made books: scrolled and unscrolled, bound and unbound, stretched open and closed like an accordion. It is about pages that drape and sag, move with one’s breath, or wait in stacks to be removed one page at a time by the visitor. All this, of course, is in contrast to the e-readers that may soon render such books and their more pedestrian cousins obsolete.

Inge Bruggeman has an MFA in Book Arts from the University of Alabama. She lives in Portland, and is the owner of INK-A! Press and Textura Book Arts Studio. Bruggeman teaches at the Oregon College of Art & Craft, has lectured and taught workshops nationally, and exhibited her work regionally, nationally and internationally.

Curated By: Terri M. Hopkins

On View: November 7 – December 12, 2010