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Motherlode includes work by seven artists and one poet who have made artworks that address motherhood: Dianne Kornberg, Elisabeth Frost, Nan Curtis, Julianna Bright, Shelley Jordan, Linda Hutchins, and Fernanda D’Agostino.

Most mothers face the challenges of raising children while carving out the time and sustaining the focus necessary to get their work done, amidst lives filled with the energetic chaos and constant distractions that children bring to a household. For artists, motherhood also presents an opportunity to comment on an experience that is nearly universal — parenting. The exhibition began with a search for art that explored several issues, including the impact of responsibility for another life, the re-encounter with childhood, and responses to making art with new restraints on one’s time and energy. As I met with artists in their studios, I discovered that many were also commenting simultaneously or concurrently on the relationship of women to their mothers.

Curated by: Terri Hopkins

On View: April 19 – May 15, 2010